Testimonials – Indradeep Ghosh – A Violinist


  • Many famous Hindustani artists have commented on Indradeep’s musicality and style. Pt. V.G. Jog referred to him as a “raaj karega” meaning that his talent is so great that he rules the Hindustani violin style."

    Pundit V.G. Jog
  • It was such a surprise to me when I listened to your Basant Mukhari and was guessing are you somewhere connected to Sisirkana dhar Choudhury as I have one and only recording from AIR Dharwad (very old recording though). I was just happy listening and happen to search your name on google and found you were a disciple of Sisirkana Dhar Choudhury. The recording what I have is Kaushik Bhairav dated 1974. I am very much touched by your Violin especially Raag Basant Mukhari. My best wishes to you for your career.

    Vallabha Halyal
  • Indradeep is so talented and hardworking that he does not need anyone behind him to back him up to be regarded as a top notch violinist of the Hindustani Violin style.

    Kumar Bose